Camper Trunks Or Camper Bathrooms Are More Popularly Known As Truck Camper Toilet

It is a small and easy to install, but luxurious camping accessory which is becoming a popular choice among many truck owners. Most camper toilet is designed to fit on small camper vans, or mid-size pickup trucks. Small camper vans, also called pop-ups, are often termed as sleeper cots because the beds are low enough to allow people to sleep comfortably. There are also small camp trailers with double sleeping compartments that fit beneath the camper van bed.

Medium size camper vans, also known as mid-size pickups, are designed to accommodate large families. They have enough room for adults up to their early 70’s with plenty of space for children of every age. The most common configuration for medium-sized pickups is a long narrow bed between the cab and the fifth wheel. The fifth wheel sits on a dolly, while the cab sides slope towards the rear of the pickup truck bed. The roof of a camper van is hinged to the frame of the camper truck bed. Most camper vans are fitted with high-end truck bed lighting which include high intensity discharge (HID) and solar powered lights.

Luxury truck camper toilets are manufactured to be larger than standard features. Standard features include full-size tank, two gallon capacity water storage tanks, five gallon capacity vanity tanks, showerheads with shower controls and foot massager with manual adjustment. A luxury camper toilet will come with a soft lining, plush living accommodations, luxury extras such as stainless steel front faucet, chrome headliners, deluxe front bumper panel with “S” grill, front windshield, fog lights, front air dam, rear defroster, electric start, power folding mirrors, CD/DVD burner, headrest, radio, telephone with voice mail and more. The most upscale models will also offer extra convenience features such as auto shut off, ignition switch replacement, push button start, lock tailgate, cruise control, front seat cup holder, cargo tray, side air bags, side window defogger, dual temperature control with memory setting, cargo net, knee support, and lift-off lid. Luxury models of truck camper are usually equipped with side-view mirror, center console with radio, steering wheel lock, cruise control, glovebox, full-body slip cover, power outlet, and 10″ chrome grills.

The biggest selling factors for campervans in general are the extra amenities they provide. Trucks are a necessity for just about anybody who enjoys the open road and the open spaces that the country comes with. For these reasons, truck bed camper trucks are one of the most popular recreational vehicles sold today. A variety of manufacturers produce this type of vehicle, such as: Lance, Price Sports, Optima, Wabash National, Impala, Sunny Brook and Pace Matic.

Some of the best truck camper manufacturers include: Nucamp Cirrus, Sloppy Joe’s, Cool Trax, Sunstar, Astral, and more. Each company has its own specific styles and models of truck camper, so be sure to shop around before making a purchase. The best way to shop is to find magazines that focus on the travel industry, such as: Travel & Leisure, Consumer Reports, or Men’s Weekly.These types of magazines are packed with reviews from people like you, so it won’t take long harvest hosts review before you are able to narrow down your choices. Once you have narrowed down your choices, visit local dealerships and see what types of campers they have available. You can also look online for customer reviews and product information for certain brands and models of truck camper.

Another thing to consider when choosing between different truck bed camper brands is whether or not they have any accessories available to upgrade the interior and


of your camper. Many campers come with standard features, such as: refrigerator, stove, microwave, entertainment centers, and bath houses. If you want additional features, be sure to check and see if the camper you’re interested in has them. Some campers come with aluminum exterior furniture, so these may be a good choice for you, if you plan on keeping your camper


for long periods of time. Aluminum exterior furniture is lightweight and easy to clean